A place to store Sketchbook pages; finished pieces; etc.
Currently 17, a junior in high school gearing up for a career in the animation industry.

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Did this on the plane to Tampa; loving Ringling so far. The student work is unbelievable and the blending of the illustration/animation departments is exactly what I want. I’ll be sure to update you guys when I get back. Also quick question, would you guys prefer small postings every day or larger postings every 3-4 days?

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Monday fig drawing.

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Don’t normally design monsters so I thought it would be cool to try.
(the prompt was to blend a Koala and a tree)

B&W and color versions.

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Shouts out to the 5 people online rn

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New sketchbook :D

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Can’t wait to color this.

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Anonymous asked: bro your drawings are so fucking cool.

Thanks! I try (:

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Paines park.

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Messing around during anatomy class. This weeks topic was the ribs.

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Trying to figure out clothes for a character, thoughts?

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1. Failed crowd drawing
2. Possible new character? Stay tuned for more.

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BIRP! July 2014

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